Thursday, May 04, 2006


Definitions of God

Consider the following statements:

  1. "What an awesome ice cream cone!"
  2. "This song is really awesome!"
  3. "Dude, you have such an awesome pillow!"
  4. "Our God is an awesome God!"

Now, think with me. How do you feel about the 4th statement in light of statements 1 through 3? With what sort of attitude to you come to statement 4? What does statement 4 mean to you? I can tell you that after reading the first three statements, statement 4 seems to imply that we have a really cool God.

Is that true? Do we have a "cool" God? Is that what is meant when we say that He is an awesome God? I don't think so. In a world where slang is so prevalent, we have cheapened many words - awesome is one of them. When we cheapen words, we cheapen what they are used to describe. When God and ice cream are both put up as awesome, God is brought down to a lower level. But that's ok, because we can relate to God better that way, right?

Wrong. Our culture is failing morally and I believe that the heart of the matter is a low view of God, because low view of God always equals high view of self. Not only does this affect our culture (Romans 1:21-32), but I think that it is affecting Christians as well. We are losing our effectiveness because effective Christianity has always been about Christ. I'm concerned that today, Christians are very much about self. It's in the books on self-esteem (by Christian authors). It's in the birthday cards that say "God made something special when He made you." It's a way of thinking that criticizes the music in church and the grammatical errors of the sermon and the general discontent that goes on in our churches. It permeates our children's sunday school materials. I submit that Christianity woud gain some ground if they would recognize our God.

To truly live the the God-driven life, we must be all about Him. Implication: we must not be about us. God is jealous. Righteous. Holy. Sovereign. Lord. King. Loving. Angry. Compassionate. Forgiving. Passionate about His glory. When we see God, we are driven to our knees in worship, and we see how truly small and insignificant we are.

This is a call to come see God. Come see God in His greatness and glory. Come see God for who He is...not a teddy bear, not Santa Claus, but Creator God!

Hopefully in the weeks to come, I will occasionally be posting on an attribute of God, so that we may keep our eyes fixed on Him. This is the foundation of the God-driven life: a high and exalted view of God. What is your view?

Yes, to have a proper view of our sin, we must have a proper view of God; only when we realize the supreme holiness of God, will our sin seem ugly and filthy. Only when we have a proper understanding of His grace will we realize how much our lives are indebted to His atonement. Not that I, or anyone, can know any of these perfectly, this side of heaven...
Thanks for sharing this.
Wonderful post Kristi, great reminder! :)
Amen sister!
Renee, you are so right. Thanks for commenting!
Another thing about a high view of God is that without a proper view of God, a sinner will never acknowledge his sinfulness. If someone is witnessing and doesn't focus on who God really is, they will have troubles down the road, I'm convinced.
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