Thursday, May 18, 2006


For Example...

This past Sunday, a gentleman came to our church to speak. He had some very good things to say on Islam and Christianity, but what especially struck me was his testimony. When he was a young man in Asia, he came to know Jesus Christ personally. After that, he soon became excited about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to others, and he brought some children to the Lord.

The Muslim parents were far from thrilled.

They invited this young man to their home. He went, thinking that he would have an opportunity to share the gospel with the parents. He was wrong. The father took a big stick and began beating him for his faith.

After that, he told God, "I don't want to be a pastor. It's a dangerous job!" Well, it was dangerous, but God kept his hand on that young man's life, and soon he surrendered his will to God's and became a pastor for the lost Muslim people of his country.

Now he lives in the United States, an exile from his homeland through a series of incidents that aren't important to this post. He continues to preach to American people because he loves them with all his heart, and because he has a great desire to see people come to Christ and His truth.

Becoming a pastor wasn't an easy choice. This man has been threatened, persecuted, beaten, and finally chased out of his country. But if you could hear the man preach, you would know that he is happy in his Lord. He rejoices because he believes that to live is Christ and to die is gain. His response to death threats? "If you kill me, I will go to be with Jesus."

Do you and I have this mindset? That serving our Lord is more important than our personal comfort and ease? I so wish that we did. I think that there are lots of Christians who try and take the easy road. Those of us who do have no idea of the joy of living for something other than ourselves. The joy of worshipping the Creator for whom we were made. Are we willing to suffer for Him? Die for Him? And perhaps do what is even harder: live for Him?

I hope so. I want to fall so in love with Christ that His plan is the only one that need be carried out. Not mine. His. To die for Him daily by denying self and living in obedience is great gain, for "If you kill me, I will go to be with Jesus." Hourly. Daily. Monthly. For the rest of our lives.

For His glory,

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