Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Radical Thinking

No, I'm not a socialist. I'm not advocating the group and downplaying the individual. I'm not in favor of communism, and I've never approved of Marx.

However, I'm introducing a way of thinking that is completely opposite to accepted trends. It is an attitude that says, "You first, then me." It is a belief that says, "God is everything." It is an way of thinking that says, "I will obey even if it's hard because my personal desires pale in comparison to who God is and what He has called me to do."

I'll cover these thought patterns in detail over the next days and months, but this is the basis of the life that I propose: the calling is more important than self. In fact, self is of no consequence in the glory of the calling. It's not that you and I are worthless (we're not), but that the calling is worth infinitely more.

Ok, so what is the calling? Simply put: it is to honor Christ and make Him known throughout the earth. God said in Isaiah that He created his people for His glory. Christ commissioned us to go throughout the earth. This is a calling that is the same for everyone who has believed the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Come climb the mountain of the God-driven life. Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Him.

For His Glory,

Hi Kristi,

I found you from Renee's blog.

Great post! I look forward to reading your continuation of this topic.
Hi Kristi, I found you from Bryce's blog:) because I didn't realize you had a new one, until he told me.

I like the purpose you have for your blog, that's a neat idea. Have you read John Piper's book Don't Waste Your Life? It's along the same lines of your last paragraph on this first post.

I haven't read his book, although I really want to. I'll just have to go out and buy it. My sisters have it, but I like to be able to mark in my books! I really enjoy the works of John Piper, though. Have you ever read "God is the Gospel"? I've only started it, but it is really good.

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