Friday, June 30, 2006


Where in the Wide, Wide World?

I'm not sure myself. I've begun working for my Dad full time, and it's been an adjustment...hence, no posts. Have you ever tried to do sales, customer service, writing, cleaning, wrapping up a website, and doing the various minor tasks that other people delagate to you in only 40 hours a week? I have, and my blog has fallen quite low on my priority list.

However, I've been learning a lot lately, so I'll share a couple of random things with you:
  1. In church, the bible study I'm involved in has a theme for the summer: "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord: the Psalms". This title is taken from Psalm 150. Accurately translated, however, it literally means "Let every breath praise the Lord." Profound, isn't it? Let every breath - everything that I do, everything that I say - praise the Lord. Let every breath honor and please God. Let every breath show the lost world around me that God is Lord and King.
  2. That for the joy set before me, it's easier to go on when you feel you can't. Where did I learn this one? Playing Ultimate Frisbee. For the uninitiated, that game means hard running back and forth across a park after a white disc. But the game is a lot of fun, so even when I'm out of breath and my sides hurt, I keep playing. Why? If I was out on a jog by myself and I began to feel that way, I know that I'd quit. After all, why not? But the joy of playing the game outweighs the discomfort of the body. So, I think, goes the Christian life. My life and my discomfort is worth less than the glorious upward calling of Jesus Christ. That is why we can run on when it's tough, when it's hard.
  3. That Shakespeare is neat. I went to see "Shakespeare in the Park" for the first time, and it was a truly enjoyable experience. For those who live in Montana...I would recommend it. :-)

So there are my thoughts for the day. Please enjoy them, think about them, and relish them until I return again!

For His Glory,


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